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Nancy Smith has written several articles during her career on topics such as cultural diversity and land use planning:

"Green Meets Asphalt: Design Workshop Creates Rural Road Corridor Guidelines", published in Vibrations, the newsletter of the Eastern District of the Ontario Professional Planners Association, September 2001.

"Diversity: The Challenge for Land Use Planning", was published in Plan Canada, Vol. 40, No. 4, July, August, September 2000, 27. This was a special issue on Urban Diversity.

"Environmental Planning: Greening by Doing", was published in Plan Canada, Vol. 41, No. 3, July, August, September 2001, p. 37. this was a special issue on the 2001 annual CIP conference (CIP = Canadian Institute of Planners).

"When Land Use Planning Meets the Multicultural Society: Some Collision Advice", published in Conference Proceedings, Canadian Institute of Planners, 2001.

Water Setbacks, The Committee of Adjustment, and You. . .


Green Meets Asphalt
Diversity: the Challenge to Land Use Planning
Envronmental Planning: Greening by Doing
Land Use Planning Meets Multicultural Society
Water Setbacks


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