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Public Consultation & Communication


Public consultation and communication can make or break a project.

You know this from your own experience. It is tough to recover if first contacts with the public are a disaster. That flyer seemed perfectly okay to you, but it created a real uproar. You know how much time and money it took to try to clear things up. And there are people out there who are confused and angry to this day. Besides, the confusion delayed your work at least six months.

But you’re an engineer, or a builder, or a project manager. Your hands are full doing what you do best. Maybe you should consider someone who actually enjoys doing this stuff and has a record of success in the community.

With Nancy Smith handling your consultation and communication, you can focus on your project and your areas of expertise.

Here are some things that Nancy can help you with:

  • Planning your consultation and communication program, so it doesn’t have to happen in crisis mode.
  • Managing your budget for consultation and communication, so it doesn’t become a monster eating up your project funds.
  • Recommending the best way to reach the people interested in your project.
  • Writing flyers and newsletters, and overseeing translation when required.
  • Developing a format for your consultation that suits your project and your audience, and minimizes chaos and confrontation.
  • Designing and facilitating your consultation event, including hosting the event, leading activities, briefing staff ahead of time, and organizing displays, equipment and space.
  • Documenting the results of your consultation, and preparing recommendations based on those results.

Nancy also works regularly with graphics, design and marketing specialists who can provide that extra touch for consultation materials, if required. Nancy is fluently bilingual (English and French) and is at ease in public situations in both languages.

Give Nancy a call to discuss your project and your requirements.


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