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Expert Evidence


You think you need a planner for an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing.

Which applies to you?

  • I have never been directly involved in an OMB hearing. more info More info
  • I am a lawyer, and am looking for a professional planning witness. more info More info

You have never been directly involved in an OMB hearing and you don’t know where to start.

Nancy can help you sort things out.

  • She can look at your case and advise you on how strong it is.
  • She can help you negotiate another resolution to the case, rather than going all the way to the hearing.
  • She can lay out for you how a board hearing works, so you will know what is expected.
  • She can meet with your group and help you prepare your evidence.

Nancy can present professional land use planning evidence for you at the hearing.

  • She will research the land use planning part of your case.
  • She will advise you if there is evidence that you are the best person to present.
  • She will prepare a book of documents for the hearing for your case.
  • She will present the planning evidence in support of your case at the hearing.
  • She will meet with your lawyer and co-ordinate her work with the legal work on your case.

Nancy can also prepare a written opinion for you on the case, although this is not usually necessary for a hearing.

Nancy will prepare a written offer of service for you, with scope of work, a fixed price for that work, and an estimate of expenses. This way everyone is clear on what is involved.

It is important to contact Nancy early, and not to wait until a hearing is actually scheduled for a specific date. There may not be enough time to prepare properly for the hearing, and the OMB will rarely postpone a hearing once a date has been set.

Nancy is very comfortable working with people who have never been to a Board hearing. She enjoys explaining the ins and outs of hearings and cases, and she has done it many times before. You do not need to feel intimidated because you are facing something you have never experienced before.

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You are a lawyer and have appeared before the OMB. You need a planning witness for a client’s case.

Nancy Smith appears regularly in front of the Ontario Municipal Board, and has been accepted to give professional planning evidence at that Board.

In past experience, Nancy has considered land use planning issues from the viewpoint of a community member, an elected official, and a member of the Board. You will have the benefit of this all-round background both in the preparation of the case and at the hearing. You can also be comfortable knowing that Nancy has withstood cross-examination by many members of the local municipal bar.

Nancy prides herself on meticulous preparation for a hearing. She gives careful thought to exhibits, and prepares them to be clear, concise, and easy to understand. This gives your client the best possible presentation of the case, and you the best organization of evidence for your argument.

Nancy’s Books of Documents meet the Board’s requirements for exhibits, and are easy to use with items properly identified and referenced. Nancy enjoys working closely with counsel, and clearly understands the complementary roles of counsel and professional witness.

Nancy will prepare a written offer of service at your request.

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Expert Evidence:
Where do I start?
I have never been to OMB
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