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Land use planning


What can Nancy Smith, as a land use planner, do for you?

  • Prepare written or oral opinions and assessments of planning issues.
  • Appear at the Committee of Adjustment for you. more info More info
  • Advise you on a strategy for dealing with a planning matter.
  • Handle a municipal application.
  • Develop and deliver workshops on planning issues. more info

Committee of Adjustment

You just received a notice from the Committee of Adjustment about some changes at a neighbour’s property. There’s supposed to be a hearing in a couple of weeks. Now what?

Nancy can help you sort things out.

  • She can look at the notice and application, and explain what it means.
  • She can lay out for you how the Committee of Adjustment works, and how you can intervene.
  • She can help you prepare your evidence and presentation.
  • She can help you negotiate changes to the application and get them approved by the Committee.

Nancy can also appear on your behalf at the Committee of Adjustment.

  • She will review the file and look at the site.
  • She will prepare a letter to the Committee.
  • She will go to the Committee and make a presentation on your behalf.

Nancy has reviewed literally hundreds of Committee of Adjustment applications. She has also adjudicated many appeals of Committee of Adjustment decisions as a member of the Ontario Municipal Board. You can be comfortable knowing that Nancy brings in depth experience to your situation.

Nancy will prepare a written offer of service for you, with a scope of work, a fixed price for that work, and an estimate of expenses.

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The Planning Act has a lot of twists and turns. There is always more to learn! How about a workshop tailored to your particular needs?

Maybe you are totally puzzled by non-conforming uses. Maybe you know about site plans in principle, but your municipality has never actually reviewed one. Maybe lifting a holding by-law only comes up once in a blue moon, and you can never remember how it works. Or perhaps you can’t quite figure out the difference between a holding by-law and an interim control by-law. You can be sure you aren’t the only one!

How about a workshop to sort this out for you and everyone else?

Nancy can create a workshop to meet your particular needs. She will suggest a combination of topics tailored to you and your group, committee, or municipality. She will deliver the material using examples that are relevant to your work, at a location that is convenient for you. And she will make sure you are actively involved in the workshop so you get to try out the ideas on real life situations.

You do not need to be mystified any longer. Nancy actually enjoys untangling Planning Act matters for everyday users.

Nancy will prepare a written offer of service for you, with a scope of work, a fixed price, and an estimate of expenses. She may also be able to suggest others who would be interested in sharing the workshop and its cost with you.

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Land use planning:
What can Nancy Smith do for you?
Committee of Adjustment

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