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“Eco-accounting: How Industrial Ecology Can Pay Double Dividends for Business”
Journal of Business Administration volumes 27-29, 1999-2001, pp.337-363

“Eco-Accounting” Poster presentation at the Gordon Research Conference on Industrial Ecology, (June 11-16, 2000) New London N.H. USA

Eliciting Expert Mental Models of Risk” Proceedings of the 9th Annual Conference Risk Analysis: Facing the New Millennium, Rotterdam - The Netherlands October 10-13, 1999 (Society for Risk Analysis - Europe Delft University Press) pp.664-667 View presentation (PDF: 113k)

“Back from the Future” - Ecosystem Management: The Challenges for Policy and Decision Making, 18th Canadian Council of Ecological Areas Annual Conference, Ottawa October 3-6, 1999

“"From Thought into Action: Expert Perception of Ecosystem Risk and Environmental Decision Making" presented at the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Symposium, Modelling and Measuring the Vulnerability of Ecosystems at Regional Scales for Use in Ecological Risk Assessment and Risk Management, Seattle, Washington, 17-20 August 1998

"It isn't easy being Green! – Can Industrial Ecology reduce the Environmental Impacts of Economic Growth?" presented at the meetings of the International Association for Impact Assessment '98, Sustainability and the Role of Environmental Impact Assessment in the Global Economy, 19-24 April 1998, Christchurch, New Zealand View presentation (PDF: 73k)

“Cumulative Effects Analysis: If you do not know where you are going, it doesn’t matter how you get there!” Presented at Workshop on Cumulative Effects, Institute for Resources and Environment, University of British Columbia 16 February 1998

"Strategic Environmental Assessment: Rethinking Environmental Impact Assessment" IAIA'96, Improving Environmental Assessment Effectiveness Research, Practice and Training, Estoril, Portugal, June 17-23, 1996, Vol. I pp.383-386

“Environmental Priority Setting - A Proposed Approach”, Second SETAC World Congress, Vancouver, Canada Nov. 5-9, 1995

"Setting Environmental Management Priorities: Rethinking Risk Analysis", Risk Analysis and Management in a Global Economy, Vol. 1.1 New Challenges for the Industrial World, Proceedings of the Society for Risk Analysis (Europe) Annual Conference (Stuttgart Germany May 21-25, 1995) Centre for Technology Assessment in Baden-Wurttemberg, Stuttgart, 1997 pp. 73-97 -
· Reprinted in Queens University, School of Policy Studies, Working Paper Series 96-3, View presentation (PDF: 49k)


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